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Manado 2007When we visited Manado again in the end of 2006, we hardly recognized the capital of North Sulawesi.
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Welcome to Planet Sulawesi

Planet Sulawesi is a private non-commercial project of two Austrians, Herbert and Barbara, who simply fell in love with the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and its surrounding regions and made it their favorite holiday location and focus of interest concerning diving activities.

On our website you find news, information and travel tips about Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and other travel destinations in Asia, which we try to provide in up to four languages. As our basic website language we chose English, accompanied by our mother tongue German and two other languages we currently occupy ourselves with: Indonesian and Italian.
The translations will be far from perfect and especially in the beginning only available for the most important articles and features. So feel free to correct us or contribute your own articles or translations. An online dictionary for all of the languages used will grow during the translation process and provide easy cross-language lookup for all visitors.

Our pages are meant as an additional source of information for everyone planning to spend his or her holidays in Sulawesi or the surrounding islands. They are not supposed to be complete nor objective. Although all information is collected and checked with greatest care, we cannot give any guarantee for their accuracy and topicality! So do not forget to consult other sources of information, e.g. by following the links we provide on the different themes of our website.

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