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Manado 2007When we visited Manado again in the end of 2006, we hardly recognized the capital of North Sulawesi.
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Due to the warm and humid climate a very diverse fauna and flora could develop in Indonesia. Biodiversity is enormous. Many species found here are endemic.


Sulawesi is situated along a transition zone between the Asian and the Australian biological regions, which is also known as The Wallace Line and famous for the existence of several animal species which occur only in this area. This virtual demarcation is named after Alfred Russel Wallace, a scientist who explored the islands between 1854 and 1862.

As part of this so-called "Wallacea" Sulawesi belongs to the key regions of the world with wide biodiversity, in which however animals and plants are partly highly endangered. The growing population, the resulting need for more agricultural areas and additionally an economy following western patterns are great danger for Indonesia's and especially Sulawesi's natural riches. However, environmental awareness is on the rise and the Indonesian government has already established many national parks and nature reserves. Many of them are situated in Sulawesi, e.g. the Bogani Nani Wartabone (formerly known as Dumoga Bone) Reserve, the Tangkoko-Batuangas-Dua Saudara Reserve, the Gunung Abang Reserve and the Panua Tanjung Api Reserve.

Indigenous to Sulawesi are, among many others, the Anoa - a dwarf buffalo, the Babi Rusa - a wild boar with tusks growing through the top of its mouth and the tarsier - the world's smallest primate with its head and body length of just ten centimeters. Many of these species can be seen in Tangkoko and Bogani Nani Wartabone national parks.

The following numbers should give an impressive idea of Sulawesi's special fauna:
62% of the mammals, 27% of the birds, 62% of the reptils and 76% of the amphibians known on the island of Sulawesi are endemic, which means that they only occur there.

Also the biggest flower of the world, the Rafflesia or black orchid can be found here.

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